Fifty… Shapes of Water

Had another great movie experience at my favorite local cinema. In short, girl that can’t talk finds a “fishman” in a tank at an army base, falls in love trying to free him while the evil guy (with two rotten fingers) hunt them both to get back his dignity. It’s not the kind of movie you will expect after watching the trailer. According to me it’s better, with passion intelligent plot. A romantic movie, perfect for the people in love.

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Three Boring Billboards Outside Something

Just came home from another cinema experience with my beautiful fiancé Valeria. I must say this one was not even close to what I expected. It lacked soul and most of all it had a boring theme and that usual intelligent language… fuck, shit, fuck, cock. Can’t recommend this one, totally overrated although the second billboard of the three acted with great passion.

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Blue Sky




Russian Beauty


At the sea


The Beuty